Friday, April 17, 2009

A silly name banner

The other day we found ourselves in need of a serious "time filler". It was chilly outside and we were board. So this is what we ended up doing for over an hour. My son loooves scissors so I had him cut several pieces of construction paper in half. Then we put each letter of his name on a separate piece of paper and traced it with glue (ok so that was pretty self explanatory lol).

Then we covered the letters with all sorts of silly objects like jelly beans, tick tacks, rice, shell noodles, glitter, beads, and coriander (I had an unopened bottle ha ha). Then we let them dry and hung them on his cork board in his room. He had a blast with this project!

If you do this at home we would love to see pictures!!


  1. He is so lucky to have a mom who fills his days with such fun activities. You never cease to amaze me with your artistic ideas.

  2. We did this activity last week. Laynee loved finding things outside to use. We used grass, rocks, leaves, etc. So fun!