Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Kids Projects

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your little ones all day today? I have some ideas…….

I made a promise to myself that I would post the good, bad, and ugly. To me that means I have to confess the attempts that I make that just plain flop ha ha. This was one of them. It started out as a great idea but did not end well.

I let my son cut all out several different colors of paper with punches and scissors and we made our own pile of confetti.


Then I wrote the words BOO in block letters on two pieces of paper (one for him and one for me woot woot). Then we painted inside the letters with white Elmer’s glue. I know you see where this is going right? The plan was to cover the glue with confetti then let it dry.


When the paper is dry you are supposed to be able to tap off the excess confetti and see the word boo. We still aren’t sure where we went wrong exactly lol. I think we will try again and make it bigger? Does anyone have suggestions on a way to make this work better???

IMG_6759 IMG_6760


One project that did work out was this cute little pumpkin we made using 1/2 inch strips of paper wrapped around a pencil (to get the circle shape) and glue dots to hold it all together!!


Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Big 5

Last week we had a big day in our house the little man turned FIVE!! I know I can’t believe it and you see the problem with this right? If he is five then I have gotten five years older ugh can that be right? lol!! The party theme was “army men” and the kids seemed to have such a great time.


We made this cute little thank you cards and included a pic of all the kids in their army gear.


Happy Birthday big boy you are getting so big and we are so proud of you!!

What? Me? Featured?

Yes that is right my last post right here was chosen to be featured over at Healthy mom for junk food kids. Yeay this is so exciting to me so go check it out it is listed under crafty ideas!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Guy Craft Roundup

I wanted to share the latest kid crafts we have been doing in our house!!

I do not have my son in a traditional preschool but we do our own little learning time everyday at home. The week we did this project we were learning about seasons. I found the tree picture on the internet and we made his favorite edible finger paint to make the leaves. All you need is Kayro syrup food coloring!! And I love that it dries all shiny.

IMG_6665 IMG_6667

We had so much fun together making this little paper pumpkin. Here are some directions:

  1. Cut the toilet paper roll in half. Cut a strip of orange construction paper that will wrap around the toilet paper roll completely and tape the paper into place.
  2. Cut the orange construction paper vertically into strips that are approximately 1 inch wide. You will need 8 to 10 strips. Cut approximately 1 inch off of the length of each strip.
  3. Work with one end of the toilet paper roll at a time. Stick a piece of scotch tape onto the end of one of the paper strips and tape it inside an end of the tp roll. Repeat with three more pieces of paper, so you have strips at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock.
  4. Once you have the initial 4 strips down, add another 4 strips of paper so that they overlap the initial 4 diagonally (at 2, 5, 8, and 10 o'clock). See the picture at right.
  5. Now you need to tape the other end of each strip into the other end of the tp roll. Do this just as you did before, only starting with the second set of strips first.

Once you have all of the orange strips of paper taped into place, cut a leaf out of green paper and tape it into the hole to complete your pumpkin.


And last but not least we gathered some leaves before they got all crunchy and cut the center out of a paper plate. Then you guessed it we busted out the hot glue gun and made this fun little wreath.


I love craft ideas for kids!! Do you have any family favorites??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Caramel Apple Bucket

For my marketing/gift delivery this month I had this great idea to fill a bucket with caramel flavored treats and apple flavored treats. Well needless to say on the budget I had for this it was harder than I had anticipated lol. It is hard to find bulk apple flavored treats that I didn’t have to have shipped and that didn’t cost a fortune. So I ended up with this instead……………….



Ok so not exactly what I had planned but not bad.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Google Game

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs today HERE and Lisa had posted such a fun game. And because I found it so entertaining I get to bore you all with my version of the game lol.

The rules are to read the questions and then go to Google, do a search of images, and post the best image you see on the first page of images for these ten things:

(Aren’t you so excited ha ha!! Oh and as you can see I have a problem with committing to just one favorite lol)

1. My Favorite Beverage


2. My Hometown


3. My Favorite TV Show

greys-anatomy-season-4-wallpaper House-Pills-house-md-522056_1200_1720 o_Big_Bang_Theory_Cast   tv_cougar_town01

4.My Occupation


5. My First Car


6. My Favorite Dish

Cafe Rio Salad

7. Celebrity I have been told that I resemble


8. Celebrity Crush

ryan_reynolds News_Josh_Duhamel_Las_Vegas

9. Favorite Childhood Toy


10. Any Random Picture


So my challenge for you is to obviously play this game on your blog so that we can learn more about each other. And then come back and let me know you posted it so I can check it out. Now go and Google!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Treat Bags


Halloween Treat Bags

This is what I delivered for treats last year in October, they were pretty simple little bags filled with all my favorites!! Stay tuned to see what I am going to do this month for treats………….

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Less Frilly Apron

Copy of IMG00713 Somehow this is the only picture I have of this apron (hmmmm note to self make someone else model my projects lol). I used a pattern that I love although I altered it slightly from THIS apron that I made from the same pattern and created it to be less frilly. I also used a much thicker material so that splatters are less likely to leak through to your clothes, cause what’s the point of wearing it if that happens right!?

Do you like the less ruffled version better than the original one I made??

**On a side note I know I was not loving my first super ruffled apron but it has totally grown on me and I love love love it now. You can find the original pattern that I used HERE at my fave sewing blog.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Spooky Tree

I saw this fun idea on a few blogs so while we were camping last weekend the hot hubby found me the perfect branch for my project. 

I took a pot that I already had with a fake little tree in it and ripped it apart.


Then I took my fave can of black spray paint and coated them both really well.


And TADAH look at my spooky new tree.  I love how it turned out! Should I add anything else to it or leave it alone? What do you think?