Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Google Game

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs today HERE and Lisa had posted such a fun game. And because I found it so entertaining I get to bore you all with my version of the game lol.

The rules are to read the questions and then go to Google, do a search of images, and post the best image you see on the first page of images for these ten things:

(Aren’t you so excited ha ha!! Oh and as you can see I have a problem with committing to just one favorite lol)

1. My Favorite Beverage


2. My Hometown


3. My Favorite TV Show

greys-anatomy-season-4-wallpaper House-Pills-house-md-522056_1200_1720 o_Big_Bang_Theory_Cast   tv_cougar_town01

4.My Occupation


5. My First Car


6. My Favorite Dish

Cafe Rio Salad

7. Celebrity I have been told that I resemble


8. Celebrity Crush

ryan_reynolds News_Josh_Duhamel_Las_Vegas

9. Favorite Childhood Toy


10. Any Random Picture


So my challenge for you is to obviously play this game on your blog so that we can learn more about each other. And then come back and let me know you posted it so I can check it out. Now go and Google!!


  1. I played this a few posts ago on my blog. It was a BLAST. You Do look like Jenna Elfman.

  2. Thanks for the toot. Oh the cabbage patch, yes I had a few of those. I loved the way they smelled. And of course greys. Do you live in Colorado cause that pick reminds be of Colorado. lol

    I wish I had your first car, the one where the lights flipped up. The cool car instead of my beat up ford escort pony that would die out on the freeway. LOL

    Now the celebrity, who is that? You probably will hate me but I think you look just like the girl from the old 90210. Kelly I think. The blond one, who was recently on Are you smarter then a fith grader. I can't think of her darn name.

    I want to be a dentist or orthodontist, way better then my boring Accounting job. LOL

  3. Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS! I love that new purple Diet Mt. Dew tooo! So glad someone else has heard of it besides me! oooh and Diet Dr. Pepper is a close favorite. Love it with vanilla flavoring from Sonic!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  4. Too fun!! I love Greys & Courgar Town too. =)

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!!

  5. I loved Cabbage Patch dolls too!
    sandy toe

  6. This is a fun game! Happened upon your blog... it is fun!!

  7. Hahaha... this looks like it was fun to play. I'd participate, too, but I don't want to see an image of a 1989 Grand Caravan on my blog. ;-)

  8. Happy Saturday Sharefest! I wanted to say hello, and I will try to play your fun game from this post and let you know I did! Glad to know a little bit about you!

  9. This is such an awesome idea! I love finding out about people in new ways. Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows too -- I actually saw a taping of it last month. It was so much fun.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest to you too!

  10. What a cool idea! I am posting this game today for sure. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your blog. Love it. Have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Hi Lacie, You got me going on this one. Go over to my blog and see. Gave you a shout out too.