Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Contest Winners

Well because there was only two people that entered you both win……

scrapwordsmom and Meme send an email to lacie23@gmail.com with your address and color choice and I will get them off to you very soon Smile


Thank you for entering and being my bloggy friends!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miscellaneous Jewelry Making and a Giveaway

I have been bitten by the jewelry making bug lately and thought I would share my new trinkets with you….

This little guy was easy to make just some chain and a cute owl from Michaels……

Photo Feb 23, 9 09 01 AM


I had the same idea with this one just some chain and cute multi toned metal feathers…..


With this one I used a necklace chain I already had and added these fun hearts…..


This next one I have been wearing almost every day and I used all of this to make it…..


And last but not least I made some earrings……

Okay now for the giveaway…………… I would love to send one of you a pair of similar earrings (your choice of color for the stones). All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what color you would choose. One entry per person and unfortunately US shipping only.

Giveaway ends Sunday March 25th at midnight and I will announce the winner chosen at random sometime on Monday March 26th. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Glam Bag: February 2012

I was given the fantastic gift of a subscription to My Glam Bag it is very similar to Birchbox where you pay $10 per month and you get deluxe beauty samples. I thought it would be fun to share what I received in this bag so that if you were debating on subscribing to one of these services you could compare the contents.




1. X Out Shine Control oil free moisturizer

My opinion: I have not had a chance to use this yet but I do have combination skin so I am excited to see how mattifying this product really is. Let me know if you would like me to keep you posted Smile




2. NYX roll on shimmer

My opinion: I have been loving this roll on shadow it has such a rich color payoff and stays put all day. I most definitely want to add more roll on shimmer colors to my collection.




3. Premier Dad sea Cinderella Mask

My Opinion: I did use this product but because there was only enough product for one application I really don’t know how great it works. I thought it was fine but nothing special.





4. Nume professional styling tools and hair extensions/ $100 gift card

My Opinion: There was nothing on the site that the coupon qualified for that I wanted but if you would like my coupon code let me know and I am happy to email it to the first person that says they would like it, just leave me your email address in the comment section.



5. Freeman Facial mask

My opinion: I love these masks.




Treat: Ghiradelli chocolate

My opinion: I don’t love chocolate but this was a nice little treat



I have been making a few jewelry pieces lately so I am thinking a give away is coming soon Smile

Birchbox Breakdown: February 2012

Life has felt a little bit like a whirlwind lately but I really like sharing my Birchbox treasures with you so before I get my next box (in like 2 days) I thought I would get this update to you this is what my box looked like…..


1. Beauty Blender makeup sponge

My Opinion: I actually already had one of these and love it so I was totally excited to get a spare.




2.Eye Rock: Designer liner stick-on liner strips

My Opinion: In all honesty I have not used these yet. Not only are they a little um let’s say flashy for me but every review and video I have seen says they are uncomfortable and awkward. I guess at some point I will give them a whirl so let me know if you want an update when I do.




3. Jouer luminizing moisture tint

My opinion: I wish the sample had been just a little bigger because I am still slightly on the fence about this one. I really like tinted moisturizers and this one seemed pretty good overall.




4.Mineralogie cream concealor

My opinion: I love this and will most definitely buy the full size. It has great coverage and staying power.

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Lifestyle Extra: Cuao Chocolatier Spicy Maya CocoPod

My Opinion: I don’t love chocolate and spicy chocolate  lets just say eww. But my husband is a big fan of both and said this was interesting.



Birchbox also sent out a code for a digital download of the band Green River Ordinance. I haven’t downloaded the song yet but hey why not it’s free music right!