Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birchbox Breakdown: February 2012

Life has felt a little bit like a whirlwind lately but I really like sharing my Birchbox treasures with you so before I get my next box (in like 2 days) I thought I would get this update to you this is what my box looked like…..


1. Beauty Blender makeup sponge

My Opinion: I actually already had one of these and love it so I was totally excited to get a spare.




2.Eye Rock: Designer liner stick-on liner strips

My Opinion: In all honesty I have not used these yet. Not only are they a little um let’s say flashy for me but every review and video I have seen says they are uncomfortable and awkward. I guess at some point I will give them a whirl so let me know if you want an update when I do.




3. Jouer luminizing moisture tint

My opinion: I wish the sample had been just a little bigger because I am still slightly on the fence about this one. I really like tinted moisturizers and this one seemed pretty good overall.




4.Mineralogie cream concealor

My opinion: I love this and will most definitely buy the full size. It has great coverage and staying power.

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Lifestyle Extra: Cuao Chocolatier Spicy Maya CocoPod

My Opinion: I don’t love chocolate and spicy chocolate  lets just say eww. But my husband is a big fan of both and said this was interesting.



Birchbox also sent out a code for a digital download of the band Green River Ordinance. I haven’t downloaded the song yet but hey why not it’s free music right!

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