Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lets Play Twenty Questions

If you are like me your schedule this week is a little crazy but you will still find time to blog and blog hop. This is a fun “get to know you” game. All you have to do is copy and past the questions to your post and then obviously change the answers to your own :)

If you don’t want to have time to play along at least answer number twenty by leaving a comment with your new name ha ha.

1. What was your high school mascot? Eagle

2. What was your favorite music in Junior High? Mariah Carey everything!!

3. Name one thing many people don't know about you? I have never broken a bone (knock on wood right)

4. Where would your dream vacation be to? Fiji

5. Do you have any phobias? Dark parking lots

6. What was your favorite childhood toy? My cabbage patch doll named Molly

7. What TV shows did you grow up watching? Saved by the bell and Friends

8. Song or Artists you can't get enough of lately? Michael Buble

9. Favorite perfume? Brittany Spears Fantasy (I know your laughing but is smells so good)

10. Do you hang your toilet paper to unroll over or under? Over! Always!

11. What is the best concert you have attended? Black Eyed Peas and Carrie Underwood tie for first!!

12. Favorite TV show right now? Cougar Town

13. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes but it's not pretty :)

14. Favorite movie right now? The proposal (i can't get enough of it thanks alot Brandi lol)

15. What is your favorite cereal? Lucky charms duh

16. Favorite book right now? The Goose Girl

17. What is generally the first thing you notice about people? teeth

18. What are you listening to right now as you type this? hubby playing Mario kart

19. What word describes you best? routine

20. What would your stripper name be? (the name of the first childhood pet you can remember and the street name you grew up on) EbonyTower


  1. I always enjoy reading these. Lucky Charms, really! I sure like Marshmallow Mateys. I think they are the same, truly. Merry belated Christmas! I miss you too!

  2. That is a ton of information to share. I stumbled into your blog through another blog.

    You have a fun blog to read.

  3. No joke, my dogs name was Frisky. Pretty good stripper name. Miss you!

  4. Abby Circle. :) Happy New Year!!

  5. Your blog is a blast! My stripper name is Sammy Davis haha. I would love for you to check my blog out if you get a chance! http://recklessbliss.blogspot.com/