Thursday, March 25, 2010

What would you be test

I like to believe that my blog is mostly my crafty attempts but I have to say I have been so drawn to these “get to know you”  posts lately. So if you bear with me through this one I promise this weekend to post my little Easter gift idea :)

I found this fun idea at Pushing Pixels

What Would You Be?

If I were a month I’d be November
If I were a day I’d be Sunday
If I were a time of day I’d be sunset
If I were a planet I’d be Saturn
If I were a sea animal I’d be a Jellyfish
If I were a direction I’d be South
If I were a piece of furniture I’d be a recliner
If I were a liquid I’d be diet Dr. Pepper
If I were a gem stone I’d be pink topaz
If I were a tree I’d be a cherry tree
If I were a tool I’d be a hammer
If I were a flower I’d be a water lily
If I were an element of weather I’d be the rain
If I were a musical instrument I’d be a piano
If I were a color I'd be pink and purple (equally)
If I were an emotion I’d be euphoria
If I were a fruit I’d be a huckleberry
If I were a sound I’d be laughter
If I were an element I'd be fire
If I were a car I’d be something luxurious and fast
If I were a food I’d be a Cafe Rio salad
If I were a place I’d be a beach
If I were a material I'd be bamboo fiber
If I were a taste I’d be something sweet
If I were a scent I’d be something fruity
If I were a body part I’d be lips
If I were a facial expression I'd be a smile
If I were a song I’d be sung by Carrie Underwood
If I were a bird I'd be a hummingbird
If I were a gift I'd be a book
If I were a street I'd be up and down
If I were a city I'd be somewhere in Fiji
If I were a door I'd be made of wood
If I were a pair of shoes I’d look like Louboutins and feel like Uggs

And what would you be?


  1. If I were a shoe I'd be an MBT - lovable though a little goofy :)
    And, as my hubby would add, expensive!

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: The Chalkboard Door is for Holiday Decorating!

  2. I enjoy doing these types of things, too. I'll have to play along on my blog...maybe next week!!

  3. What a fun little quiz! I'll have to take it sometime. =]

  4. I like that if you were an emotion you'd be euphoria! :)
    I like these getting to know you things too, it's fun!

  5. Fun Quiz. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you liked the recipe cards. Your blog is great!!

  7. I love this! Stopping by from SITS, happy SITS day! I'm a new follower!

  8. What a fun little quiz! I'll have to try it.

    Happy SITS Feature Day!