Saturday, October 02, 2010

Vinyl Obsession

I finally learned how to cut vinyl with my Cricut and I am so addicted!! It started because my husband wanted some information put on some of his work equipment in vinyl so we bought the supplies and I tested my skills on this little sign for our house….


We have extremely pushy sales people in our area and I just can’t handle it any more. I hope this will help.

I had so much fun cutting that sign that I cut a little design to put on the back of my cell phone

DSCI0122 I know my husband is so going to tease me but hey it made me smile.

Now I want to cut a saying for a wall in my house does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I really like that! And I hope that it helps so you don't have to deal with those annoying sales people anymore.

  2. This is so fun. I have a Cricut that I NEVER use...

  3. I love the design on your phone. I don't really care about the solicitors anymore. I don't ever answer the door when they come around.

  4. Way FUN!!! I'm surprised! I though you would've had one already! Get crazy with it!! :D Can't wait to see how you step up your ALREADY adorable creations with it! Check out creativehomemakers.blogspot for ideas. My friend, Heather on there- She has ALLLLLLL Kinds of amazing crafts that she vinyls. She's ooober organized too... you guys would be GREAT friends! :D

  5. I need that sign at my door!

  6. Love that image on your cellphone. What a super cool idea. I've not tried to do the vinyl yet. And what a great idea for those annoy door to door sales people.


  7. You have a Cricut - lucky duck!!!! Have fun decorating!

  8. I love it! Now I know who to "solicit" when I need some vinyl cut :) I have a sign for Halloween that says, 'The witch is in.' That would be me :)
    P.s. get on etsy and see what other people are cutting out.