Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

This year we were given a fantastic early Christmas gift from my mother in law, it was this gorgeous advent calendar.

IMG_0116In the years past we have used the classed cardboard advent calendar but now we get to start a new tradition and it has added so much to our home this year.

My mother in law got the board from The Craft Warehouse and added some of the lettering with vinyl then made the Holiday magnets with paper and hot glue :)

I love it and smile at it every time I walk by it!! 


  1. Aw! It's so pretty! And I love those magnets. So cute!

  2. I noticed it at your house and thought it was so cute! Yay MIL!

  3. I did something similar to this for a Christmas present this year. I'm also going to make a whole bunch of the magnets with pictures of Victorian ladies in them as a gift for my sisters up coming birthday. These are just so versatile!