Monday, February 07, 2011

Caramels in a gable box

I know I have said this before about my marketing/gift projects but I absolutely love them and I love them even more when I can use local products. I had a friend introduce me to these caramels that are made right here in Montana and they are heaven especially the Celtic Salt flavor.

So I took this Wilton box…..gable-boxes-b003ipcuxe copy

and these caramels…..


and delivered this to some very nice offices!!



  1. That is soooo cute!! I love how it turned out and the little handmade tag is adorable. You are so creative!

  2. you are so talented, and like theultimate says, those tags are adorable!

  3. I like the photo from the dash of your vehicle! Very authentic! Who makes the caramels? I like the salty/sweet combo too.

  4. So creative! I love this idea too. You continually surprise me with your new ideas. Great job!