Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A gift idea and some facts about me :)

Hi friends! Wow I didn’t intend to take some time away from blog land, I guess between sickness and life it just got away from me but I still missed you.

My latest gift/delivery was pumpkin cookies and molasses cookies made by a wonderful local market and everyone was excited to get them….

Well now that I have shared that I am sure you  just can’t wait to learn more about me ha ha…..This was inspired by a game called “If you really knew me” that I played at a friends house a few years ago.

So if you really knew me you would know that…..

*I have lived in my house for almost five years and have never painted one wall. Yep as much as I love crafting I can’t decide what color I would possibly want to see every day so instead I see white.

*I have zero rhythm and thanks to my amazing friend I have fallen seriously in love with dancing.

*I love camping with my boys, they make me laugh and don’t judge me for the amount of S’mores  I eat or what time of day I eat them Smile

*I am giddy about my BFF visiting!

*I love all kinds of technology…Computers, cameras, cell phones (you get the picture)

*99.9% of the time my fingernails and toenails are painted and I feel naked when they aren’t.

Have a great weekend! I would love to read your posts about what I would know if I really knew you!


  1. I love games like this...and now that my 31 Days Challenge is coming to an end I can play along for sure!!!

  2. Love learning interesting facts about people. =] And smores are awesome.

  3. i find it interesting that you're so devoted to painting your nails and feel nekked when you've not done so, but you're perfectly content to let your walls be nekked. especially for someone as crafty as you.

    and you've been sick? and i've not known this? how horribly bad of me. i'm so sorry, m'dear. i hope you feel better soon. :]

  4. If you only knew..

    I'm a Mommy of four girls and although I'm really good and creative with hair, I hate doing hair. (It doesn't help that 3 of my girls are tender headed with thick hair)

    I'm a great dancer but I sing awful! I can't hold a note if I tried:)

    I tell my family when I die I don't want a funeral, I'd like a "going away" party instead complete with beautiful pics of me everywhere and a champagne toast.

    Now you know:)

  5. If you want, I have the recipe for both of those cookies direct from the GFS! Let me know. I've made the pumpkin cookies with success, but haven't tried the molasses ones.