Saturday, August 06, 2011

I am in love (again)

Hi friends! I hope that everyone is having a great summer. Mine has been very fun but very busy lol. I have to admit though that I have been cheating on blogging with my new current love……


Oh my word are you part of this? Have you checked it out?


This is literally my new favorite way to save all of the fun things I plan to create, cook, craft, sew, or just plain drool over. I would love to hook up  with any of you there!!


  1. I love this too! I've been using it for a few weeks and am finding new ways to save all my old websites, crafts, everything! Love it!

  2. I'll have to check it out.


  3. I have heard and looked into pinterest, but I haven't jumped on board yet because I spend to o much time on the computer as it is, trying to cut back :) maybe once school starts I'll look into it again.