Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A gift idea and some facts about me :)

Hi friends! Wow I didn’t intend to take some time away from blog land, I guess between sickness and life it just got away from me but I still missed you.

My latest gift/delivery was pumpkin cookies and molasses cookies made by a wonderful local market and everyone was excited to get them….

Well now that I have shared that I am sure you  just can’t wait to learn more about me ha ha…..This was inspired by a game called “If you really knew me” that I played at a friends house a few years ago.

So if you really knew me you would know that…..

*I have lived in my house for almost five years and have never painted one wall. Yep as much as I love crafting I can’t decide what color I would possibly want to see every day so instead I see white.

*I have zero rhythm and thanks to my amazing friend I have fallen seriously in love with dancing.

*I love camping with my boys, they make me laugh and don’t judge me for the amount of S’mores  I eat or what time of day I eat them Smile

*I am giddy about my BFF visiting!

*I love all kinds of technology…Computers, cameras, cell phones (you get the picture)

*99.9% of the time my fingernails and toenails are painted and I feel naked when they aren’t.

Have a great weekend! I would love to read your posts about what I would know if I really knew you!