Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bread Basket

Yep it's that time of the month again! Time to shower a few offices with treats! This month my husband had a great suggestion, specialty bread baskets.

I went to a local bakery and filled these baskets with Cinnamon raisin bread, muffins, and scones. Then I went to Costco and got individual butter's and jam's. Last but not least I found some "wheat like" stalks as a little decoration. I think they turned out so cute and the offices were so excited to receive them.


  1. I love it. I'm so glad you post these so I can steal your ideas and take all the credit! Tell Tonya I called dibs and to get her ideas from someone else.

  2. What a great idea...I love that you got little jams to add to the basket as well. How fun!

  3. WHAT IF I PRETENDED I WORKED IN AN OFFICE.. can you bring me some of that good stuff????

    I love bread.
    for real.
    I'd eat it over anything.

  4. What a great idea, I have to put together gift baskets for my husband's annual company Christmas dinner and am always looking for ways to do it a little differently!