Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Attempt: Laptop Cover

So I had this little idea to make a laptop cover out of an old jacket that didn’t fit anymore and I actually like it. It’s certainly not something that I use daily but if I need to throw it in a bag to take it somewhere it works great!!Copy of IMG_6102 IMG_6104I cut the zipper out and the hood and arms off and zig zag stitched it up the front and across the top.

And look I have cute little pockets for storage woot woot. 


  1. Really creative! Love it!!!

    Visiting from SITS...I really love all of your fun ideas! :-) Loved your freecycle spice rack!
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  2. Thanks so much for stopping by today! Love your blog!


  3. Got your message...fun LOVE San Diego! We only ate out once and it was to some pizza joint down the beach...it wasn't that great and really expensive...we made dinners pretty much every night except the two nights we were in Sea World....sorry not real help..lol