Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Musical Journey Challenge


My bloggy friend Jenn over at Quirky Pickings is hosting a song challenge and I am in love with it. For her this will be a daily challenge that she will post about for thirty days. I really wanted to play along but I also know that I have a hard time with a daily posts (call me flaky lol), so the way I am going to play is to post all of my answers in one big post. But you really should go check out Jenn’s blog and join in the fun!!

I love music and have it on in my house all day. Many of these answers would change daily or depending on my mood it could change several times a day ha ha. So these are my answers for now :)

day one-

favorite song   Carrie Underwood – Last Name

day two –

least favorite song  Train – If it’s love (I don’t know why it rubs me wrong lol)

day three –

a song that makes you happy Michael Buble – Haven’t met you yet

day four –

a song that makes you sad Kenny Chesney - Don’t Blink (it makes me remember how fast time is going by and how big my son is getting)

day five –

a song that reminds you of someone Emerson Drive  - Moments (my husband played this for me the first time I heard it and I will never forget the look it put in his eyes)

day six –

a song that reminds of you of somewhere LMFAO – I’m in Miami (I will never hear this song without thinking of Vegas with you Brandi)

day seven –

a song that reminds you of a certain event Elvis – Love me tender (I can hear my Grandpa’s voice singing this to my Grandma at their 50th anniversary party)

day eight –

a song to which you know all the words Eminem – loose yourself (ok to be honest remembering songs is almost as easy as breathing to me but I thought this one would make you laugh because it’s true)

day nine –

a song to which you can dance J-lo – Lets get loud (I know I know so silly but I can’t help it this one makes me move)

day ten –

a song that makes you fall asleep Imogen Heap – Hide and seek (I really mean this in a good way this is a song that calms me down and lulls me)

day eleven –

a song from your favorite band Black Eyed Peas – I got a feeling

day twelve –

a song from a band you hate Johnny Horton – Battle of New Orleans (I can honestly say that I love all kinds of music but twangy country is probably my least favorite, sorry love)

day thirteen –

a song that is a guilty pleasure Britney Spears – Toxic (don’t roll your eyes you love it to right?)

day fourteen –

a song that no one would expect you to love It may surprise some people to know that I love everything from Phantom of the Opera, Carrie Underwood, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, and Dixie Chicks to Trapt.

day fifteen –

a song that describes you Colbie Caillat - Lucky

day sixteen –

a song that you used to love but now hate Fergie – Glamorous (I mean I wouldn’t say hate but how did I use to really like this one so much?)

day seventeen –

a song that you hear often on the radio Owl City - Firefly

day eighteen –

a song that you wish you heard on the radio Anything by Michael Buble

day nineteen –

a song from your favorite album Carrie Underwood –Wasted – from the Some Hearts album

day twenty –

a song that you listen to when you’re angry Evanescence – Bring me to life

day twenty-one –

a song that you listen to when you’re happy Corinne Bailey Rae – Put your records on

day twenty-two –

a song that you listen to when you’re sad Anna Nalick – Breathe (It calms me down)

day twenty-three –

a song that you want to play at your wedding (Well since we pulled a fast one and eloped we didn’t have “a song” for our wedding but this would have been a good one) Nat King Cole - Unforgettable

day twenty-four –

a song that you want to play at your funeral Alabama – Angels among us (I love the version with lots of kids singing along)

day twenty-five –

a song that makes you laugh BKaty Perry – California Gurls

day twenty-six –

a song that you can play on an instrument Tim McGraw – Don’t take the girl (I used to be able to play most of this on the piano)

day twenty-seven –

a song that you wish you could play (anything really ha ha but I love the piano intro to…) Lady Antebellum – I need you now

day twenty-eight –

a song that makes you feel guilty Che’nelle –I fell in love with a DJ (I know I am a dork, I don’t know if this makes me feel guilty but it’s just a dumb song that cracks me up)

day twenty-nine –

a song from your childhood (I don’t know if it would be considered my childhood but these two songs make me think of times back in the day :) House of Pain – Jump around and Ugly Kid Joe – Everything about you

day thirty –

favorite song at this time last year Taylor Swift – Love story

I hope you had fun going on my musical journey, do you feel like you know me better?  Let me know if you play along I want to see your list or you can post daily with Jenn!!


  1. aww, what you wrote about "love me tender" gave me goose bumps :)

    Oh, and I never knew you eloped! how awesome!

    great post, I think I might play along :) ♥

  2. i like your list. :] thanks for playing!

  3. Great post. You listen to all the same songs as me. I love Alabama too as it reminds me of my MOm. I have never heard of Angels Among us so I just played in on Youtube. I cried, yeah I'm at work too. It's okay because it made me feel really happy at the same time. thank you for that and sharing.

  4. AWESOME taste in music!!! I LOVE Carrie Underwood's Wasted!!! I play it all the time =)

  5. oooh, I LOVE music. I'm the same way, I always have it playing in the house. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorites :)

  6. That was quite the journey. Go Katy Perry! :)

  7. My husband and I are huge Micheal Buble fans! We have every song on our Ipods we just love all of his music. Even our little kids can sing along to his songs. He is just always fun to put on.

  8. Love this list! We have some similar tastes (I'm not a Train fan myself) but also some differences (I missed the Michael Buble boat, I'm afraid). Fun stuff.

  9. Fun Fun! Thanks for sharing! :) I think our music taste is about the same as our pop tastes. :)