Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Painting Project

We decided to paint outside the other day and the rules were that we could only use things we found in nature to use as our paint brushes :0) Sticks, leaves, weeds, grass….you get the idea!!!

IMG_8496I thought he would love this, and I think he did for the entire ten minutes that it held his attention until a grasshopper came by and he HAD to chase after it lol.  That didn’t stop me from having fun ha ha.



  1. Now that looks fun!! Mine love anything that is messy!

  2. What fun, Lacie! I remember doing stuff like that when my kids were little!

  3. Later today, I'm going to go get some paints and have my boy paint some rocks!

  4. That is a fun idea! I think my kids would enjoy doing that:-)