Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quirky Pickings and Randomness

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My bloggy friend Jenn (AKA Criticalcrass) over at Quirky Pickings did a little spotlight on me and let me ask her a few random questions then she said it was my turn to answer my own questions lol.

First a little about Jenn…..her blog is a fun place that always makes me giggle. She likes Coke and Never Pepsi, and Pringles but not Hostess products. She also shares my love for books and is a fellow fan of Nora Roberts. We also have the same embarrassing fact from our past in common. Yes we both played the clarinet in grade school ha ha. How did we get roped into that?!!

Here are my answers to the questions I asked her. You should go check out what her answers were to the same questions!

1. If you had a giant yacht what would you name it? (I stole this answer from the hottie hubbie)  401k

2. Is it ok to wear socks with sandals or to bed? Never ever on both counts ewwww

3. If the president was calling you with an emergency what would he need your help with? He must have heard I have mad scrapbooking skills :)

4. If you had a super power what would you want it to be? I think I would like to be able to fly (wouldn’t errands be so much more fun?)

5. What can you hear right now? HLN news concerning the oil spill DISASTER (so sad)

6. Would you rather be way too hot or way too cold? I would rather be too hot next to a cool pool, with a cold drink, and a good book

7. What would your dream vacation be? That’s easy….FIJI

8. If you had an extra $100 to be selfish with what would you get? I seriously need  a new curling iron but I want a good one and I am way to cheap to buy one lol.

9. Would you ever sky dive? Nope I am a chicken, although I am considering paragliding

10. What is your all time favorite book? I am a huge Twilight fan (the book not the movie) and I loved the book The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Ok there you have it!!  Now I put it to all of you: What is your dream vacation?

Oh and on a side note I apologize for having to turn on word verification for comments but the spam comments have gotten out of control. Have a great day!!


  1. good answers, m'dear!

    pray we don't get a hurricane. the likelihood of one not coming into the gulf is, of course, nonexistent, but pray anyway. :]

  2. oh! and why in hell would you read twilight???

  3. Hey, Lacie!! LOVE Twilight, too. I do LOVE the movies as well:) My daughter Em and I share this passion...and we have fun as she is Team Jacob and I'm Team Edward. We are both so stubborn:)

    My DREAM VACATION.....hmmmm...this one is so hard for me. I LOVE amusement parks and fairs. So I would have to say Cedar Point in Ohio. Oh and the park would only be open to a few hundred special guests...all my friends and family:)

  4. I have to admit.. I almost ALWAYS wear socks to bed!! I am a chilly chilly person and those sheets just don't warm up fast enough for me... am I "ew"?!!? lol

  5. Yes, I wear socks to bed too when I'm cold! I just cannot sleep if my feet are cold. And, knowing me, I will grow into a crotchity do whatever the hell I want kind of old woman and will wear socks with sandals because my feet hurt. To actually answer your question you wanted us to answer, my dream vacation is Mexico with my family on the beach!

  6. Fiji sounds amazing, or anywhere tropical, right now any vacation sounds superb :) I would love to see the caribbean and the beaches of Europe, well almost all of Europe. And I would never wear sock at all if I didn't have to, but especially to bed or with sandals :)

  7. FIJI is my dream vacation too. Awe...I can picture it now!

    My hair dresser said I needed a better straightener and the cheapest she could get me from her hair supply place is $160. ;( I need it....but don't want to pay it. What's a gal to do? Become rich! That's what I shall do?!