Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birchbox Breakdown: September 2011

Now that I have had some time to try out the products in my Birchbox I thought I would give you my opinion on the treats I received.

This is the card with the details of what I received and they also include the price of the full sized product (I really love that).

#1. So let’s start at the top of the list with the Incoco nail Applique’s…..the style that I got was like this


They are made out of real nail polish and they are supposed to last up to 14 days.  So if you know me you know how much I LOVE nail polish and this was right up my ally. Look how cute they are on…


My opinion: The first nail or two were tricky and then I got the hang of it. After a week of them on my nails they held up perfectly through laundry, dishes, cooking, and hair washing (he he). I don’t know if they would have held up the entire 14 days because I got antsy with the growth on the cuticle side because my nails grow super fast and removed them. But I loved them so much that I bought these two different patterns…


#2. The Jouer lip enhancer is supposed to plump, hydrate, and condition all in one step. If there is anything that can compete with my nail polish collection it would be my lip gloss/balm collection.

My opinion: I was so excited to try this and to be honest it was a little bit of a let down. I didn’t think it was anything very special and certainly did not fee that it offered any plumping whatsoever. I didn’t love it or hate it, to be honest it was just blah. So no I will not be purchasing more. I feel like that is so mean to say but hey I am just being honest.

#3. LIV GRN perfume in Earth. Can I just say I hate these little sample bottles they make a mess when you open them.


My Opinion: I tend to like really fruity sweet scents but I have to say that I love this so much and I will most likely get this in the full sized version.

#4. Pangea facial cream (I think that speaks for itself )

My opinion: I don’t love it or hate it. Much like the lip product it was just okay.

#5. Friendship bracelet

My opinion: I love love love the bracelet. I have worn it a ton already and am working on my own version inspired by this so stay tuned because it is going to be so cute and so simple.


  1. That bracelet is so cute! And the perfume sounds nice. =) Thanks for sharing what you thought about your goodies!