Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bunco Cards

Not long ago one of my best friends and I hosted a Bunco party. With the help of a bunch of friends I think we pulled off a really fun night. Everyone helped out and brought a yummy dish! We had fun eating, chatting, and playing. Most of all I think it is so good to be together as women and friends without the pressure of buying or selling anything (as much as we all love a good Pampered Chef party). We try to put together a girls night out every couple of months even if we just meet and have desert somewhere. I am grateful for a fantastic group of friends and for a family that supports and understands my need to hang with the gals.

These are the score cards that I made for the night. I found the dice clip art through a Google search and used my son's colored pencils to color them pink!! Next time maybe I can fly in some of my friends that live too far away to come and play with us (hey a girl can dream right) ;)


  1. Amen to good friends and no selling party! :)

  2. I want in too!! You better not forget about me.. :) Love you and miss you!!