Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you card

I love to have a little stockpile of handmade birthday cards as well as thank you cards on hand. It's one of those small things that makes me smile, to need a card and have it. I think that with card making as well as scrap booking that cute paper is more than half of the battle. I hope this inspires my crafty friends to dig out their craft supplies and make some fun cards.


  1. Lacie I saw your blog on Molly's and LOVE IT! That apron is darling. I'll take ten please :) Hope all is well. I have been wanting to get into sweing lately... They have some of the cutest fabric shops here. It was my inspiration. I have only done a few nursing covers... We will see what is next. Miss you! Where did you get the pattern for that apron?

  2. We should have another card making party! Can we have it at your house? :) My stock pile is low and I have some good ideas.