Sunday, April 18, 2010

Attempt One Failed, Do I get to keep the Awards?

Well after all of THAT can you believe it failed miserably? i plan to find another recipe and try again so stay tuned :)

Do you see that not even one sugar crystal ha ha!

But now I am worried that I may no longer deserve these amazing awards?!? lol

It must be blog award season because look what I have been honored with. I am feeling lightheaded with excitement over these three awards from three amazing blogger……

Should be Cleaning  Iloveyourblogaward                      

(I pass this one on to Bobbi, Disney, Allison, Kimberly, and Jill)

The Practical Mom guideHappy_101[1]

(I pass this one on to Ammie, Molly, Aubri, Lisa, and Leslie)

Both of these awards ask for………

Ten things that make me happy:

1. The sound of my hubby and son laughing together

2. Going on adventures with my family (camping, hiking, etc……)

3. Reading

4. Crafting

5. Loyal friends

6. Good food

7. Cookie dough

8. Tight hugs and snuggles from either of my boys :)

9. Family movie night

10. Lazy mornings


Ma What's 4 Dinner Picture-1_2

(I pass this one on to Stacie, Stephanie, Jandy, Amber, and Krystle)

This award asks for…………..

Ten honest facts about me:

1. I am so not a morning person

2. I hate falling asleep/napping during the day, I wake up feeling so groggy

3. I only wash my hair every other day  (is that gross?)

4. I loooove a good bargain

5. I am obsessed with the show Gilmore Girls and watch back episodes everyday while I work :)

6. I really hate cleaning our bathrooms (don’t worry I still do it)

7. I am the middle child of three girls and the hubby is the middle child of three boys (meant to be huh? wink wink)

8. I am a big fan of Twilight but I am part of team Edward when I am reading the book and team Jacob if I am watching one of the movies ha ha

9. I love to sing but not in front of people

10. I love video games especially anything Mario related and of course guitar hero (now you know)

What is something honest about you?


  1. Rock Candy is really hard to make. I've tried to make it a few times, and have yet to have good results. And yes, you get to keep the awards:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Thank you so much for the award Lacie!! That really means a lot to me that you would think of me.


  3. This is my first award!! I am so excited {and honored} Thanks so much, Lacie!!:) You have made my week!!


  4. Thank you so much! you made my day!

    I only wash my hair every second day too... we can have greasy oily hair together! AND i'm great singer to... by myself, AND love video games, and hate naps! actually, i love napping, but hate the groggy after feeling! we're two peas in a pod!

  5. Ive loved reading your blog and seeing what new things you've come up with. If your ever interested in being a guest blogger at Everyday Mom Ideas. Id love to have. Just let me know.

  6. congrats on the awards, and sad about your rock candy, try try again :) and I have no idea what I do with the pass along award, but thank you! good to know someone likes my creative outlet of my crazy life :)

  7. I didn't read far enough down, we are so friends for a reason, we are right on with all your honesty things except 7 and 8, I am always a Jacob fan :)

  8. Lacie...thanks so much for the award! You are awesome! :)

  9. Aww thanks! You are super sweet!

  10. you do realize that many people would never attempt to create rock candy, right? in fact, of the people i know who reside in close proximity to me, none of them would.

    apparently i'm not so eloquent today. but i think you get the point. that you would get the pots and pans out to TRY to make the stuff impresses me.

    and kudos for the awards. :]

  11. The project looked fun anyway, hope you try it again. And thanks for the award! You made my day!

  12. Congrats on all your awards! I'm sorry about your rock candy, but I'm sure it was fun trying anyway. =]

  13. Congrats! I am not a morning person and am on a strict every other day for shampooing as well! :)

  14. Yay, I'm your 200th follower!! :)

  15. Stopping in from SITS!
    Rock candy and I don't get along. I have tried over and over and never gotten it right LOL. Congrats on the awards!

  16. Aw, shucks. You're too sweet. Thanks for the award.

    We have some things in common. I also wash my hair only every other day, I love to sing when I'm alone, and I loathe cleaning the bathrooms.

  17. You deserve those awards! You are one awesome woman. Thanks so much for the award.

    I wish that rock candy turned out! I buy it for parties and it's a little pricey. I need to learn how to make it!

  18. I'm the same way. I love Edward in the books, but Jacob on screen. I wonder why that is. Hrmmm...