Sunday, April 25, 2010

Card Swap Party

I am so lucky to have the friends that I have!!!

In honor of one of my best friends in the world visiting me we gathered up some of my other most amazing friends ever and had a craft party/card swap.

We had five of us crafting. We each picked a category and made 25 cards. Then we divided them up so we each left with five of every different design (was that a confusing enough explanation LoL).

It was a great night filled with food, giggles, and crafts. Here is the result of the fun….

IMG_8296 Made by the talented Janna



Made by the talented Natalie



Made by the talented Molly



Made by the talented Brandi



Made by ME!!!

What kind of craft parties do you have?

***I should add that I have other amazing crafty and non-crafty friends that I would have loved to invite all they have to do is let me know they are interested! As for my bloggy friends that can’t make it to my hometown well that is why I post the pics so you can be a part of it lol.


  1. What a fun idea! I love the happy birthday card and the ruffle cupcake cards! So cute. :)

  2. Well I would be upset that I was not invited to this gathering but that would be silly! :-) The cards all look great!

  3. What a great idea. I need to do that with my friends.

  4. I wish I could of been there for the card exchange. I still have a few from a few years ago (that we all did). It's not that I haven't needed them it is just they are way to cute to give away.

  5. I linked to your blog from mine because you were smart enough to take pictures of each! :) Good work. Thanks for the fun time! You are a part of my Plains therapy. ha ha!

  6. I love your card, Lacie and that bird one!! I {heart} birds:)

    Super fun idea!! I love it when my friends and I get together for some creative fun!

  7. How fun would that be?! Girls night, crafty time AND you get to reap the rewards of others talented-ness ;)
    I love the ruffles!

  8. so cute, i wanna come :) someday!

  9. I would love to be a part of future card swap parties. :)

  10. sounds like a fun way to spend an evening. cute cards.

  11. I want to learn how to Stamp and make cards. I don't really have people to send the cards to once I make them though. I still want to learn.

  12. That is a great idea! Plus, add wine to the mix and now we're talking a perfect way to spend some time! :)

  13. This sounds like such a fun idea, and the cards are all so cute! I would have loved to come, if only I lived in Montana :)

  14. what a great idea! my friends are so not crafty though, so i might have to invite my self to yours one day!