Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why didn’t you tell me?

Do you ever have those moments where you are in shock with information that you just got and you literally have to say, why didn’t you tell me about that? Well I had a moment like that over the weekend. I said to my BFF how much i hated my dirty, sticky, laundry soap cap….


and she said, “ I just throw it in the wash with my clothes and it comes out clean”. I sat there and thought Duh that is so simple.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite little tricks and see if anyone else wants to share what they know so we can all learn something and have less “why didn’t you tell me?” moments!!

properly-clean-dryer-lint-trap-200X200I clean my lint trap with the used dryer sheet that just got ran through the last cycle.

DSC03448_1196139983I am obsessed with disinfectant wipes especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

mr-clean-magic-eraserThe magic eraser changed my life when it comes to cleaning bathrooms, especially the shower/tub floors.

p_shaving_101_p03This one might be completely in my head but I read that a large part of what dulls a razor (other than regular use) is the water that sits on it after it is used, especially if you have hard water like me. So while I dry off after a shower i take my towel and dry off the edges of the razor as well. Like I said this could be all in my head but I swear my razor lasts longer.


To help a blemish heal faster I put a little dab of Neosporin on it. I have no idea if this is even a good idea and I am certainly not a skin expert but I always think if it is supposed to help cuts heal faster and healthier doesn’t this just make sense lol.


wlwI blog using Live Writer and if you have never tried it I couldn’t recommend it more!!

What tips/tricks do you have?

**I was not paid, prompted or asked by any of these companies to blog about these tips!    


  1. Those magic erasers completely changed the way I look at things around here! Love the laundry cap idea.

  2. That is a great idea with the laundry cap! I also hate a slimy laundry lid. Bugs me to no end.

    Vaseline is a great moisturizer for your face. Just slather a thin layer on at bedtime.

    I keep a basket full of toilet paper in each bathroom, right by the toilet. It's pretty and no one runs out for a long time. :)

    I know I have tons more, but I can't think of them right now!

    Love all of yours.

  3. Love your tips, Lacie! I, too use my Magic Eraser...has totally changed the way I clean! I use it on light switch covers, too.

  4. Here's one...

    You know how the roll of aluminum foil, plastic wrap (insert kitchen roll here) always falls out when you're trying to pull out a length of it? Well, at each end of all those boxes, there are tabs that you can push into the ends of the inside roll to hold it in place!

    I know, right?!

  5. I have been washing my laundry cap for years as well, thanks for the lint trap idea, I always clean the lint off the dryer with it but never the actual lint trap. and magic eraser are truly a gift, love them! as for other tips of my own my brain is too tired right now :)

  6. I don't do laundry or dishes but I have to pass the dirty nasty laundry cap idea to my Boyfriend. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

    I tried the ma gic eraser in my kitchen and I wasn't too happy with it. I think I need to give it another shot. Maybe my kitchen was too dirty for it.

    I love the bathroom anti-bacterial cleaning wipes. They are just the best!!

  7. The magic eraser seriously is magic! I have used that on so many things and it works every time! =]

  8. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello on my special SITS day.

    I'm going to visit your blog again when I have some more time. I'm a little overwhelmed by the comment love.

  9. the magic eraser is my best friend:-) thanks for the tip of washing the soap lid...i just rinse it with the washing machine water before the load starts.

  10. a 1/2 cup of bleach in the back of your toilet (where the water sits) keeps it super clean. I hardly ever have to scrub my toilets. Just do it once a week. Super cheap as well.
    Other then that, I am cleaning retarded...

  11. love these ideas!! i also use my dryer to sheets to wipe off some of the grime/dirt that gets on the top of the washer and washer lid.

    my mom has always used vaseline around her eyes at night.. and hardly has any wrinkles!!

  12. I love this post!!

    The Magic Eraser is my bff--amazingness! And the wipes? What did I ever do before those??

    Love your tips honey!

  13. If you have gnats this is the best... gross but totally works. Fill a bowl with a 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar, add a couple drops of dish soap, swish it around and voila! The gnats are drawn to the solution and drown in it.

  14. I LOVE post like this, so interesting, I've been trying to think of something amazing, but all i can remember is using extra virgin olive oil on your face, like a moisturiser. I read it on a blog a while ago and the girl had the most amazing skin, I've only been trying it for a little while so I can't really reccomend it, but my skin is clearer!

  15. I have always thought the same way about Neosporin and it has been my go to pimple cure for years!!!

  16. Instead of buying a new shower curtain when it gets full of soap scum, I bought a heavy duty clear curtain with metal grommits. When it gets gross, I throw it in the wash machine with a bit of detergent and bleach. Yay! Saving money and being green! Tell me more about the sponge...

  17. Good tips and cute post! I always throw that cap in there but someone had to tell me, too. d'oh.

  18. well hello, lacie! happy sits saturday sharefest! i keep coming across your blog again and again. and it's always a delight, of course. ok, my favorite "duh" tip is cold cream. it's like $5 for a huge jar, and it is the best makeup remover in the world. they have one for oily and one for dry skin, and this is how i use it at night: wash hands, slather a liberal amount of cold cream on my face, and rub it in until it's all warm and oily. then i run a washcloth under hot water, wring the water out, and wipe all the cold cream off with the warm towel. my face always feels great after, i don't even need moisturizer. i've heard coconut oil and other natural oils work in the same way.

  19. I want to hear more about Windows Live Writer!

    Tips... hmm... I'm kind of spoiled - I married and man who does most of the housework. Maybe I should ask him? lol.

    When it's getting cold, but not cold enough to turn the heat up on the thermostat, I bake something. It warms up our kitchen/dining room/ living room ares, and we get to eat gooey cookies.

    When I do the laundry though (in all seriousness) I just rinse the cap in the running water of the washing machine. I have a feeling i might forget it is in there, and then I would dry it. lol.

  20. Hi I have just come across your blog through 'Everyday Mom Ideas' and love it! Mt tip is to use old toothbrushes for cleaning. They get into the hardest of places (especially around bathroom taps and plugs). Looking forward to more ideas from your blog.

  21. Great ideas! I will have to come back when I can think of something good to share.

  22. I love the Lysol Kitchen antibacterial cleaner spray. I spray it on everything in the kitchen and bath. I like the clean smell.
    stopping by from SITS

  23. this isn't a cleaning tip but is great for protecting you against insect bites. rub yourself with dryer sheets you've used...much better for you than deet and works great. i was told about this by a man who runs a business getting rid of bugs in houses. and skin so soft is also great for warding off mosquitoes.

  24. Stopping by from SITS. Another thing about the lint filter from the dryer - it's good to wash it with Dawn once every couple of months, all those tiny holes get plugged up with lint and softener and even if we can't see the stuff, it makes the dryer less efficient.
    Also - the razor thing - you are right your razor DOES last longer. Clark Howard on CNN has an entire post dedicated to preserving your razors - he can use one disposable for 5 months! whew - 2 razors a year??? awesome!

  25. I've never heard that one about the neosporin. Good to know. Magic Erasers are truly a god send. Especially when it comes to kids and crayons. AMAZING!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  26. I do/use all of your tips except for washing the laundry cap because I use powder. With HE front load and hard water, I read it was better to use powder. So I switched months ago and have been very happy. Wonder if I could wash the fabric softner cap?

  27. Those laundry caps that have just gone through the washer to be clean? Yeah, those... I hang onto the old one when a new one comes in because that handy ridge around the edge makes it a great way to use the little container to hold paint without the paint dripping down the outside onto my hands or the table I set it down on. Great for kids projects and little momma touch ups around the house (mainly because of those little kids...).